Mobile Healthcare Facilities

Our mobile health clinics provide flexibility and space to carry out effective healthcare treatments in a range of locations. Our vehicles can either be used as temporary mobile healthcare facilities at peak times – such as if there is an outbreak of winter flu – or as dedicated clinics with a specific purpose in mind. Blood donation, breast screening and audiology are just three possible uses.

Bespoke Mobile Healthcare Units

When space is limited, medical trailers are ideal for providing additional mobile space for screening, checkups or treatment. Fitted with changing rooms, sinks and waiting rooms, our mobile healthcare clinics create an environment that feels just like a surgery or hospital.

No two of our mobile health vehicles are the same. We offer bespoke facilities with each trailer or vehicle designed to carry out its specific purpose effectively - from eye screening and mobile dental clinics to chemotherapy. Our range of mobile trailers includes everything from one-room vans to extending multiple-bed trailers with private rooms.

Extensive Experience

With nearly 80 years’ experience in designing and building mobile healthcare facilities, we have the knowledge and understanding you need. We know how important it is for mobile clinics to be equipped with exactly the right features for the job. Our mobile medical clinics not only come with a range of design options for a custom build, but we also offer competitive hire packages.

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