5 Metre Event Trailer

Our 5 metre trailer provides a middle ground between our 4 metre trailers and 7 metre trailers. Ideal for a larger audience, our 5 metre trailers can offer practical seating areas for meetings or waiting areas, and a small kitchen for hot and cold beverages.  

Our high quality, 5 metre trailers suit a wide range of industries, such as healthcare and media but most noticeably the motor industry – see our examples. The extra space offers a more luxurious feel, with design and features to match. 
Show trailers enable you to reach your audience without compromising on brand or service, it’s like a portable office. 

Our trailers are designed around you. Our team have extensive knowledge, so they can guide you through the design and build to ensure you have everything you need and giving you a competitive edge. Speak to our team today.

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MG Motor UK


Torton have worked with mg as a brand over the various guises it has had for over 25 years. recently Torton were successful in winning the award to design and build 5 hospitality trailers for MG motor uk as it is now formally known.
The exhibition trailers are to be used up and down the country as support for the dealerships when attending events such as county shows, motor events or just local events at which the dealership is supporting.

Torton produced 5 identical trailers meaning any dealer in the UK could receive a hospitality trailer to use and be familiar with it from the start.

The exhibition trailer design was based on Torton’s popular ‘Torton t5’ hire trailer, however, there are bespoke features which make it mg’s own.

The 5 metre basis on which the trailer is built provides a good amount of open plan space to discuss car purchases with potential customers. To the rear of the trailer is a seating area, and to the front is a small kitchen where the dealers are able to provide their customers with a hot or cold beverage.

A large screen in mounted on the centre of the far wall which can be viewed from both inside and out, when customers are taking shelter from the large solid canopy which sits to above the entrance. Bifold doors are used to open the trailer up in the summer months, and during the colder more wet times of the year, these can be closed off and just a single door entrance can be used and accessed via the steps which simply hook on to the frontage.

Large end display wings provide a good amount of space to display the car graphics and enable the exhibition trailer to come to life. The canopy also has a large roof sign which provides height to the trailer along with the 6m flag poles which sit to the rear.

Torton are proud to have delivered all 5 trailers simultaneously for MG and to be working with yet another household name.

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NHS Northumbria

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Militray Autosource

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Bosch Thermotechnology

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Midlands Air Ambulance Helipod

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SNG Barratt


  • Full side canopy with flip-up roof sign
  • Fold down front totem sign
  • Fully hinged floor frame with inbuilt supports, vinyl floor covering, side handrails in polished aluminium
  • Front and rear end wing display panels
  • Entrance steps to double opening glaze doors
  • Vinyl skirts to full frontage
  • Large windows to end and side
  • Carpet tiles to interior floorcovering
  • Reception counter 1.2m wide towards front end.
  • Cupboards across front end with full height end cupboard.
  • Unit wired for 240-volt installation with 8Nº downlights, 2Nº double 13amp sockets, LED downlight to rear wall and over doorway / windows. 
  • 2Nº 40” LCD screens
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Toyota - Material Handling

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