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We encourage clients to visit our manufacturing site and see first hand the building and design in progress.  Computer-aided design for exhibition vehicles and creative graphic design rub shoulders with skills that only come from many years of experience - skills such as coach-building, cabinet-making and metalworking as well as painting, plumbing and the special techniques required for fibreglass and modern laminates.

From an initial meeting and a blank sheet of paper, your brief turns into drawings and visualisations - an exciting process. If required, we can even take you around a 'virtual' model of your exhibition mobile clinic. (A charge would be made for a virtual model).

See how floor area can be tripled with folding or roll-out extensions, how pods can increase customer accommodation and how second storey extensions can provide extra sales or negotiation space on site.

You are always welcome, just give us a call to inspect our works. Talk to our designers and craftsmen. They'll tell you why our workforce is stable with the average length of service being 14 years! It's because they are happy in their work. We are proud of them and they are proud of what they do.

It shows in our products...

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