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Our mobile audiometry audiology clinics offer a mobile and practical solution for audiology appointments and assessments. Our professional trailers and vehicles are built and designed with safety, hygiene and practicality in mind, to ensure you maintain a high level of service without compromise.

Having a mobile audiometry clinic trailer allows you to cover wider geographic regions and potentially expand your patient base.

We have supplied a range of audiology clinics (shown below), which range in size from 3,500Kgs motorised to 13m articulated trailers. No matter the size, all our audiology vans and trailers are designed and equipped with healthcare professionals in mind, to help provide a safe and secure service.

The audiology units for sale are made up of a single room with consultation area, desk space and secure cabinets to store results and other associated equipment. Larger audiology trailers often have waiting room facilities, private consultation rooms, and toilets, as well as benefiting from the standard audiology trailers facilities.

Our mobile audiometry vehicle for hire or sale can be tailored to your needs. We’ll assist you and work to understand and meet your requirements. We can also brand your audiology unit - find out more about our vehicles graphics here.

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