Time to dig deep

Torton have completed a successful year of events with the Museum of London Archeology (MOLA)

MOLA selected Torton to carry out the transport management and hire of a Torton T7 or X7 subject to the event, which have taken place across the country. Torton produced a set of graphic panels based on the design set out by MOLA which have been used at all events across the year.

Torton's hire fleet is designed to enable the graphic panels to be interchanged across the fleet meaning customers are not restricted on which trailer they would like to use, or also requiring the customer to purchase multiple sets of graphics all the same. This cost effective method has kept the costs down for customers but also increases the number of events clients can attend, as the smallest in the fleet, Torton T5, also accepts the same graphic wings panels.

Throughout the year, MOLA events have taken place in city centre locations, such as Birmingham and London. The later of which provided an extremely tight location for the 7m trailer to be positioned into, at the Lord Mayors Show, however Torto?n's experienced drivers made easy work of it and were set up on time and ready to go.

If you have a number of events you would like to attend across the 2019 season and would like to know more about how Torton mobile exhibition trailers can be used to promote your business, get in touch today on 01952 612648.

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