Mobile Operating Theatre



Double podded articulated mobile operating theatre is coming soon to the Torton range of mobile clinics available for hire or purchase.

The largest floor space available in a articulated trailer is created via two extending pods, both of which are electrically operated and self supporting, which are fully deployed in less than 2 minutes.

Spaces available in the mobile operating theatre trailer are a waiting room, anesthetic, operating theatre, recovery, prep room, dirty utility, scrub, changing rooms and a toilet.

The mobile operating theatre trailer is also equiped with an air handling faciity which is HTM-03-01 compliant.

Key Features

  • HTM03-01 Compliant air handling facility built in
  • Largest floor space available in this design of articulated trailer
  • Electrically operated extending pods deployed in under 2 minutes
  • Practical layout for mutliple day surgery uses
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