Patient Handover Clinics

Torton are currently working with various NHS trusts in order to provide ambulance handover clinics, or patient overspill facilities.

It has been well published that the NHS will potentially struggle for space this winter as the pressure starts to mount over the festive period. Our mobile clinics are the perfect solution to ease this, and increase capacity.

We currently have a number of trailers, which could be used as ambulance handover centres, available to hire or purchase. All the available trailers have an air handling facility which provides the space with 10 air changes per hour as a minimum, disabled access lift, stepped access to rear and front end, and a staff room.

These mobile clinics are ready to deploy at very short notice and can then be moved between sites and trusts subject to the increase in patient demand.

These mobile hospitals can also be used in city centres as a halfway house for the ambulance service to treat minor injuries which occur to the public when on nights out, or celebrating at a Christmas party. The time saved by treating a patient locally, as opposed to calling 999, could save someone’s life.

If you have any questions, please call us on +44 (0)1952 612 648