Looking back to the dark side

Torton have recently undergone a large refurbishment to their meeting rooms providing then with up to date facilities for both clients and staff alike. During the tidy up Torton have come across a number photos and VHS videos of trailers and vehicles that were in production way before digital photography was the norm.

Torton have always been involved in projects that are both exciting for us a company and unique to see out on the road. The images which have now been scanned in and saved for prosperity are of a 13m articulated trailer which housed an X-Wing Fighter plane shipped directly to Torton from the 20th Century Fox Studios. The 'Imperial Invasion' was transported around various cinemas and shopping centres and was produced to promote the re-launch of the Star Wars Trilogy in 1995. The trailer came back to Torton in 1997 to have a small refurbishment which included the addition of a pod to the front end.

Keep any eye out for more blasts from the past, as Torton dig deep through the mountain of photographs and negatives.

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