Award winning Orthodontic Mobile Unit

We recently commissioned two dentists to create the UK’s first Orthodontic mobile unit - OMÜ (Orthodontic Mobile Unit) to enable Emma and Ben to travel to their patients.

OMÜ Project

Emma and Ben noted that the majority of their patients were school children with braces and treatment plans. Each appointment which can take 5 to 10- minutes every month was disrupted to the children’s time at school and time and effort for parents having to take them to the appointment.

Emma said, “We have three children, at three different schools, in three different counties so this was the light bulb moment for us to take our orthodontic services out to the schools to make it a simpler and easier way to access regular orthodontic treatment.”  

This light bulb moment meant OMÜ has recently been awarded the Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2020 in the New Business Category. The new trailer enables Emma and Ben to travel to schools and provide exceptional treatment convenient due to little disruption. 

The results

We have worked with Emma and Ben for two years on this 6.5m specialist purposed designer trailer which has three separate entrances and exits and includes a separate hydraulic welfare lift for disabled access. 

Inside, the body space has been split into three different sections, the waiting room, a decontamination room and a fully equipped dental surgery. There is also a manually operated slide-out room to provide extra working and storage space. 

Speaking about the trailer, Ben said, ‘“The result is amazing. The vehicle draws attention wherever we go but most importantly, we have  made the whole process of orthodontic treatment far more patient-centric.”


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