Things Are Hotting Up

Over the years Torton have supplied Worcester Bosch Group with a variety of products for their various brands and requirements. More recently Torton were chosen to manufacture their latest marketing vehicles, to be spread across the country and be able to demonstrate to their fitters and end users what Worcester Bosch have to offer.

This brief was to make the vehicle easy to operate, quick to set up and visually attractive to encourage potential customers to come on board. The vehicle needed to be within 3,500 Kgs and able to be used at the roadside should space be extremely limited.

To make the vehicle stand out from the crowd, Torton redesigned the standard end wings to replicate the angles now shown in Worcester Bosch's new colour swatch which forms their new brand identity. The rear wing also incorporated a 270 degree hinge which allows the wing to be used in both display mode and also folded back against the rear of the vehicle, again, should space be at a premium.

The electric operated canopy is both a design feature and also very quick and easy to operate. Large glazing to the nearside allows lots of natural light to flood the inside of the vehicle to show their product off at their best.

Internally, four boilers are hung along with iPads and their latest smart home technology control panel. In addition to this, two portrait digital advertising screen take up the front end wall with a large screen TV to below the air conditioning demonstration which is fully working.

An additional access door was installed to the offside, enabling the user to gain entry to the body of the vehicle without opening the wings and canopy.

To see how quick the vehicle is to set up please watch the quick video below.



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