NHS Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Torton have produced many different mobile clinics over the past 12 months all in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile clinics have enabled the NHS and private healthcare providers to either carry out testing or to enable them to continue to provide their core service in a mobile and safe environment.

The latest fleet of mobile clinic vehicles are to be used by the NHS for vaccinations to be carried out, as we move into the next stage of the pandemic.

The vans have been converted to a clinically safe environment for the nurses to work from, and are self sufficient with the use of a battery inverter system providing 240v power to the various sockets within the clinic space.

The mobile vaccination clinic has hand wash facilities, as well as space for all the required equipment to be stored safely during transit, such as sharps bins, medical fridge, supplies storage, and other medical equipment as required.

Being a 3,500Kgs mobile clinic means that anyone with a UK driving licence is able to drive the clinic just as they would a standard car. The clinic has been designed with simplicity in mind, to enable multiple users to have access to the vehicle without the need for an in depth handover.

The clinic is entered via the side access door which has a electric step to reduce the entrance height. Internally, there are an array of LED lights making the space extremely light and inviting, wipe clean surfaces throughout, non-slip flooring, and grab handles in all the right places. Should landline power be available, there is also this option to plug the vehicle in to charge the batteries up and provide power the the sockets as required.

Torton have an extensive range of mobile clinic designs which can be used not only for the pandemic purposes, but long into the future as mobile clinics continue to be the way forward for many healthcare providers.

If you have a pandemic related mobile clinic enquiry, or are looking to get into taking your service mobile, please don't hesitate to get in touch to see what we can provide for you.

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