New Look for Diabetes UK

New Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow for Diabetes UK

Following on from 2011 success, Diabetes UK rebranded and refurbished Torton’s three identical motorised clinics to participate in the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow. The units were designed and built for Diabetes UK and cover the UK. The motorised testing and information promotion units offered: a Type 2 diabetes risk assessment, advice from expert dieticians and an opportunity to participate in a physical activity zone. The units travelled the length and breadth of the country providing invaluable assistance and insight to the public. The 5.8m motorised clinics have a private consultation area for patients to be weighed and assessed and a general information area which doubles up as a waiting room. A rear roll out pod increases the floor area of the vehicles when set up. Air conditioning, on board generator and storage for literature are all integrated into each unit. Access is via steps and a ramp. So far this year the clinics have carried out 75 roadshows in different towns and cities across the UK.

Risk assessments have been carried out on 17,000 people, of whom 9002 people were referred to their GP for further information and/or a diagnostic diabetes test. Torton operates the vehicles on behalf of Diabetes UK and provides drivers for the 45 weeks of the year when each vehicle is out and about. Insurance, storage, operators licence, maintenance and service of the chassis cabs are all included as part of Torton’s Transport Management Service.

“Our roadshows have been really successful this year, they have been a great way to target the people most at risk of developing Type 3 diabetes and to educate them about bringing their risk down. I’ve been really happy with the service Torton has provided and would recommend then to other people looking to run roadshows”, commented Olivia Steed-Mundin, Roadshow Manager.

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