Gloucester NHS Eye Clinic

Gloucester NHS have recently added to their mobile clinic vehicle fleet with another Torton vehicle. Having had much success with their first mobile eye clinic Torton produced a few years back, it was time to increase their coverage and purchase another.

A few design changes were incorporated based on their experience of using their first vehicle for a number of years now, however the base vehicle remained the same, being a 3,500 Kgs category clinic.

The slightly longer than usual ramp was designed, due to the large number of patients being in a wheel chair, but also with sight problems as you would suspect!

The mobile eye clinic featured a full length canopy which provides the entrance and ramp with some shelter from the elements, and leads into a spacious, heated waiting room with bench style seating.

On from the waiting room is a fully equipped eye clinic, which included storage, heating, sink facility with hot and cold water and their wall mounted eye examination screen. A height adjustable table for their equipment completed the fitout in what is a spacious clinic environment.

Other fantastic features this mobile clinic vehicle included, is the LED lights to under the canopy to give the clinic a stylish look, but also practical in the winter months. The large ramp with handrails to match has its own dedicated locker to the front end of the mobile clinic, and the individual sections just simply detach and slide into their storage compartment. A rear access door was also included to the clinic area, providing the staff an exit point without the need to go through the waiting room but also when the vehicle was closed up, they could easy get inside the vehicle to store items for transit.

Torton pride themselves on coming up with unique ideas to help their customers get the right mobile clinic vehicle to suit their needs. All our offerings are fully bespoke and can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements. If you are thinking of entering the world of mobile clinics vehicles, mobile clinic trailers or for any mobile clinic service, please get in touch with our team today, and we will walk through the process with you and give you the best advice there is.

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