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3,500 Kgs Mobile Clinic/ Information Vehicle


Available immediately and in good condition, this is a 3,500 Kgs Fiat Ducato which can be driven by anyone with a category B licence (standard car).

Able to be used as a mobile clinic due to the split entrance and rooms, the front room includes a sink for hand washing facilities, plus worktop space and storage. The rear room with its own entrance/ exit has a bench seat to one side and couch to the other.

Medical equipement isn't included however the vehcile is equiped with a on-board diesel generator which will enable this mobile clinic vehicle to be self sufficient when out on site.

Ramped access to the front entrance enables wheelchair users to enter the body of the vehicle, and a storage locker is also located to the front end to house the handrails and ramp for transit.

Low mileage vehicle which could be used as either a mobile information vehicle, mobile exhibition vehicle or as it comes a mobile clinic will be in use in no time at all.

Should you wish to change the colour of the clinic to suit your branding then please enquire as this can be arranged.

Key Features

Key Features are as follows:

  • Diesel generator built in
  • Warm air heating to both rooms
  • Disabled access to all areas in the vehicle
  • Large display wing to front to hide the cab and display marketing material/ messages
  • Set up time no more than 20 mins
  • Anyone can drive this vehcile on a standard driving licence



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